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Spoken by me,kinda quiet cause I wasn’t alone in the house and I messed up some bit but I hope You like it :) I like saying naughty words hehe…

This is A Few Choice Words By WhisperedVerse

Those in seats of authority
are often pressed to test and see
just how far they might be bent
before their magma starts to vent.

One way to draw their dark dismay
is through the choice of words you say.
Our language is, of course, replete
with words you may not repeat.

Unfortunately for those in charge,
the terms they ban are, by and large,
much more easily embraced
than the formal words they replace.

“Penis” is a perfect example,
if we’re looking for a sample
of words that just don’t fit the bill;
so many words are better still.
“Dick” and “pecker” simply fit,
“schlong” sounds like you’d play with it,
“junk” and “package” connote a gift,
and a “boner” helps our spirits lift.
“Weenie” and “peen” fit the childhood scene,
and “woodie” - sounds like you’re going green.
And, then, of course, there’s simply “cock” —
sounds as solid as a rock,
which, I think we can all agree,
is something that is good to see.

But, what of penis’ counterpart,
that heavenly gift that stops my heart?
“Vagina” sounds too tight and dry,
like an illness you’d get in your eye.
“Pussy,” by contrast, oozes class,
and flows like nectar when said with “ass.”
It has a European flair (but minus the beard-like hair).
“Slit” and “cleft” and “honey-hole”
each depict a shape or role
with tantalizing accuracy,
though they’re all still too vague for me.
“Beaver” I can live without —
why not “moose” or “otter” or “trout”?
I just don’t think the analogy’s good
(to a toothy beast that gnaws on wood).
I must admit, I’m partial to “cooch,”
if only because it rhymes with smooch.
But, the term that I love best of all
will draw the haters to my wall.
For safety’s sake, I’m going to punt
and just say it rhymes with bunt and runt.
You know what I am trying to say…
and the thing that causes me such dismay
is how the term’s become so reviled.
To me, it seems both descriptive and wild.
Somehow the word just seems to fit
as the perfect term for her naughty bits.
I think, secretly, most women agree.
Consider this - you’ll never see
an intelligent woman, liberated and free,
filled with passion’s wanton fire,
scream “fuck that vagina” at the peak of desire.

I just think we should recognize
certain words carry meaning in readers’ eyes,
and those that are most proper and polite
lack any literary or descriptive bite.
Even more, I submit,
at the end of the day,
the worst words are the most fun to say.